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Loewie added the complete line of Tenga products

Good news for all Tenga fans! The complete line of Tenga products is now available from Loewie.

Now you may choose products from all Tenga series like: 

Air Tech Series - Most innovative suction cup design with internal air chambers which increase suction strength dramatically. A suction hole in the end allows a customized suction strength.

Egg Series - Many different designs of egg-style mini masturbators.

3D Series - Several three-dimensional structures with stunning designs. You can enjoy the fine stimulus created by the fine edge of each step and the dynamic stimulus created by the whole twist. Both the varying sensations of the spiral form and the detailed ribs catering to those adherent to both hard and soft sensations.

Gyro Roller Series - Special cup designed for TENGA GYRO ROLLER to enjoy the rotational stimulation. By equipping with large vertical ribs and studs on the top, you can enjoy the rotation stimulation as well as the feeling of deep throat.

Pocket Tenga Series - The Pocket Tenga is super stretchy and will fit almost any size. Use once and then dispose. It comes with a sachet of lotion.

Flip Series - New ergonomic and reusable premium masturbator from Tenga featuring intricate internal details. A seamless insertion point provides the perfect seal to prevent lubricant from leaking and a suction vacuum is created from the new one-way valve.

Spinner Series - This male masturbators features an all-new internal coil that makes the SPINNER twist as you insert, sending unbelievable sensations with each stroke.

Aero Series - RedDot design winner 2021. Find your perfect level of pleasure time and time again, just turn the suction dial for a tighter and more intense suction.

Premium Series - Pre-lubricated, disposable cup designs with intricate details for edgy sensations. An even stronger squeeze inside and honeycomb studs surround the tip for an onslaught of stimulation.

Lubricant Series - It keeps a long lasting moisture, has the iconic brushed texture of Japanese lubricant with different grades of thickness.

...and many more.

In case you are interested or you have questions regarding these new products, please let us know at sales@loewie.com.