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Nomi Tang - my pleasure

Sensual Consumer Products
Curious in the arts of sensual seduction, Nomi Tang has set out to develop a range of high-quality products to meet the demands of design-savvy consumers. They combine emotional design with safety, ergonomics and intuitive controls, making them perfect gifts for a special someone or a nice solo treat. We are sure that Nomi Tang will soon become your indispensable companion. Both spokesperson of the brand and inspirational role model, Nomi Tang embodies the creative, cosmopolitan, individual, pleasure-seeking and passionate to reconnect and explore her senses.

Orgie - dare yourself

Intensify your pleasure and sensuality
A company with Brazilian roots and essence and a factory with European quality standards. This combination of techniques and knowledge in the European continent eliminates the boundaries and sublimates the tradition, energy and vigor that Brazil possesses. Come discover formulas with exclusive active principles coming from the Amazon rainforest, providing unprecedented and exceptional sensations. Their products have been a success in Brazil for more than 10 years and formulas have been tested and approved by more than 1.000.000 satisfied consumers.

Satisfyer - join the revolution!

Get ready for your life to change
Innovative, breathtaking, timeless – that is the best way to describe Satisfyer's products. With its revolutionary Air Pulse Technology, Satisfyer stimulates millions of women worldwide to their next climax. Because we firmly believe that everyone deserves good orgasms. With its touch free stimulation technology Satisfyer guarantees multiple and intensive orgasms within minutes. With many sub-brands like Satisfyer-men, Satisfyer-luxury, Satisfyer-layons, Satisfyer-rings and Satisfyer-vibes they offer many different stylish products for an affordable price.

Tenga - new adult concept

Love, Freedom and Tenga
Try feeling more. Try dreaming more. Try openly loving what you love, even more. Try being who you are, free of expectation. Someone who owns their passions with their whole heart is someone who understands the importance of the passions of those around them. Let's build a world that is open, free, and full of joy where your individuality is celebrated for making you who you are. Enjoy being you. Live free, with love.

Zumio - beyond the expected

Explore new sensations like never before
With its new, patented SpiroTip + Pleasure Wave technology Zumio is the WORLD’S BEST clitoral stimulator. Unlike vibration motion that can lead to overstimulation and hypersensitivity, Zumio uses spiral amplitude oscillations to provide continuous waves of pleasure and precise stimulation where you want it.

MyToys - my toy, my joy!

Affordable quality toys
comes up with new founding Germany intimate lifestyle toys company, My Toys. My Toys targeted on the younger age market, Its' products designed for young consumers, with powerful vibration and integrated with a modern and fashionable essence. The products of My Toys are objects of beauty rather than just practical sexual toys.

Swan - a slender touch of perfection

Award Winning Seamless Silicone Collection
Swan is the first collection in the world to offer a product that is completely covered in silicone with full play area, feels amazing, and is designed for easy use and cleaning. The major focus in the production of Swan is to give a luxurious and powerful experience that won't be forgotten. Perfect for beginners and designed for pleasure seekers, this specialty collection is made to engage the body with beautiful curves and the amazing power of PowerBullet™. Dive into a luxurious escape with Swan, a slender touch of perfection.

Eros - finest selection

Premium Personal Lubricants
EROS has the finest selection of personal lubricants worldwide, bestsellers due to the outstanding quality and performance - made in Germany. EROS lubricants stand for premium ingredients, style, comfort and enjoyment, dermatologically tested and safe to use with condoms. There are many reasons why the most demanding consumers around the world are using EROS. We invite you to feel the sensation of EROS - we are certain that you, will never switch to another lubricant once you experienced intercourse using EROS. EROS - opening gates to new dimensions in lust.

Lelo - intimate luxury

Luxury pleasure objects
LELO is a Swedish designer brand that prides itself in offering only the most stylish and luxurious intimate lifestyle accessories. Starting with intimate massagers, and now encompassing everything from cosmetics to apparel, the company has come a long way since 2003, but the commitment to quality and design remains as strong as ever.

Intimate Earth - indulge your senses

Crafted with organic extracts.
Intimate Earth (formerly known as Intimate Organics) was created in 2008 to give women and men a safer and a more natural choice for enjoying intimate moments, alone or together. A signature collection of arousal serums, glides & massage oils formulated with certified organic extracts & natural ingredients. Intimate Earth products contain zero paraben, zero benzocaine, zero glycerin and zero aspartame.

Palmpower - power is everything

A trusted brand for power.
Palmpower™ is famous for its magnificent power. It focuses on providing consumers with the fiercest energy and is becoming the major source of motor technology for all vibrating products. Operating on the toughest lithium ion batteries, Palmpower™ knows how to make hearts start racing.

Okinsei - hand crafted & realistic

Finest Toys
Okinsei focuses on realistic high quality products allowing the enjoyment of unprecedented pleasure. At Okinsei they adopt the traditional manual flow and natural cooling process, so that the product is balanced and delicate in the formation process and resembles the real elastic and soft texture like a real person. They don’t want it to be cold and tough the moment "it" touches the skin, rather a soft and elastic touch like a real person, so that you can't tell the difference between their products and the real thing when you close your eyes and use it. Okinsei uses high-quality materials to create safe products, so that you can enjoy the pleasure without concern.

Sliquid - natural intimate lubricants

A slippery pleasure.
Sliquid Personal Lubricants is an entirely glycerin (sugar derivative) free and paraben free intimate product line. All Sliquid intimate products are formulated with safety, especially women's safety, as the number one priority. Sliquid offers several water based natural personal lubricant formulas, as well as a premium silicone based lubricant and a water / silicone hybrid, all of which are 100% vegan friendly. We aim to bring an entire line of safe, natural personal lubricants for women, as well as other intimate products that are a necessity for healthy, sexually active people.

Erocome - enjoy your pleasure

Affordable Joy
EROCOME is focused on the beauty of the design which combines feelings and emotions with products and users to create a sensory experience. With a stylish appearance and innovative functions the products advocate a healthy attitude towards fun. EROCOME defines sensory experience as perfect way to express love. From the user perspective, sex demand is combined with emotional expression, which helps users to experience perfect love and to enjoy unique pleasure moments.

ak - trendy and cool

Intimate Lifestyle Brand
ak allows users to get an extraordinary experience from the cool visuals through design, which is the origin of the ak brand concept. Over the years, ak continuously explored the development of the whole product model from basic manual to intelligent electric and applied the keyword "cool + experience" to all aspects of fun life products. The design of ak's sex toys also follows this concept, using the most suitable aesthetics and use methods to design the products into the most comfortable experience.

Sensuva - the art of arousal

Live Healthier and More Passionate Lifes
Sensuva offers a unique collection of sexual health and wellness products which are hand-crafted in the USA, made from original formulas using natural botanicals, essential oil extracts, and only the healthiest ingredients. Sensuva's mission is to create the most healthy, body-safe, natural products that genuinely work. We want people to feel turned on, aroused, and more connected to their partner every day. The collection includes long and short term arousal solutions, enhancers, desensitizers, a vaginal tightener, erotic cosmetics, and a wide selection of personal moisturizers.

Njoy - pure / fun

Finest Stainless Steel Toys
Finest designs, highest quality, purest materials and an infinite durability - Njoy. Our dildos and plugs are cast from the finest stainless steel available and hand-polished to perfection. Quality and safe adult toys to enhance your pleasure, encourage you to explore, play, and njoy yourself. Aiming to please more than the obvious senses, our designs will always be lovely to look at and satisfying to behold. Keen observers of the wonders of human sexual mechanics, we design our toys to work with the intricacies of your body to heighten your sensual response, and to provide maximum comfort and satisfaction.

Pillow Talk - playful toys

with Swarovski crystals
For added luxury, Pillow Talk designs dazzle with Swarovski crystal in Pink and Teal and presented in a beautifully modern box. The Pillow Talk range is a stunning new range of beautifully designed sex toys with wonderful enjoyment in mind.