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New arrival of Zumio I

Today we are very excited to announce the arrival of Zumio I:

Zumio I: Unlike other clitoral vibrators, Zumio uses a unique, patent-pending spiroTip technology and unique product tip to deliver spiral, oscillating waves that can be precisely applied to the entire clitoral area, internal and external. The SpiroTip technology delivers intense and precise high-speed stimulation that can slectively reach all 8000+ nerve endings within the clitoral nerve system.

• Elliptical rotation pattern 

• Broad contact area 

• Spoon-shaped tip 

• Diffuse stimulation 

• Use Zumio for precise stimulation in different areas to unlock new pleasure points. 

• Customize your Zumio experience with 8 speeds and pressure-sensitive intensity. 

• The speed range is 7,000 RPM with no pressure down to pulsing at approximately 200 RPM as pressure on the side of the tip increases by the user.

In case you are interested or you have questions regarding these new products, please let us know at sales@loewie.com.