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Fun Factory - Angelo CNC - Violet
Just like an angel - that's the miniVIBE »Angelo« from a new optimized line of little passion packers. The silicone-sheathed feathers softly stroke the most intimate regions, causing fulfilling, heavenly passion to course through your body. Outfitted with a new, technically refined motor and a stylish, newly-developed control element, »Angelo« whether on terra firma, in the air or in the water pleasures like no other. Discover with »Angelo« heaven and passion... Even though it is so small and handy, it massages you to new heights of pleasure like a big vibrator, both vaginally and on the clitoris. With its suggested bud form the »FLASH«is easy to insert, making it not only a must for vibrator experts but also a great passion packer for beginners. •   100% waterproof •   rechargeable •   one touch buttons for intuitive control •   8 vibration intensities •   3 vibration programs •   powerful, quieter and longer-lasting motor •   sleeve made of 100% silicone  

Fun Factory - Bullet for Duke/Sharevibe
This is a replacement bullet for Duke and Sharevibe. The bullet is rechargeable.

Fun Factory - Dolly Bi CNC - Candy Rose
Cunning, agile and very human face - there are many reasons why dolphins are popular with people. Now there is one more: it is called DOLLY BI, is a small but delightful vibrator that is sympathetic flipper-like traits. It brings the design, inspired by the natural model, quite sensual strengths with it. The slight smile of anticipation could be because DOLLY BI white with its slightly curved, slightly pointed head shape to stimulate the G-spot, so to trigger pleasant feelings. His casual waving fin does not affect just cool, it's made ​​to stimulate indoor and gourmet connoisseurs in any desired manner, vaginal, clitoral or anal. • Intense stimulation of the erogenous zones • Ergonomically shaped control unit in grade champagne tone • PRESS FUN TO PLAY, touch buttons for intuitive operation • 'Immediate Stop ": fast switching • Key lock for safe transport • 6 vibration intensities • 6 vibration rhythms • new, strong and durable motor • Sleeve made of 100% medical grade silicone surface with GENTLE TOUCH • To clean 100% waterproof and easy.

Fun Factory - Flexi Felix - Black
This is the "must-have" anal chain of choice for all you butt lovers, no matter if in training or already being an expert. "Flexi Felix" is composed of elliptically-shaped elements in different sizes, featuring a friendly beetle face for easy chain withdrawal, and it is so much more advanced when compared to ordinary extraction cords. • sophisticated manufacturing • 100% medical-grade silicon  • elliptically-shaped   

Fun Factory - FUN Magnetic Plug - USB
This is the magnetic charger fits all FUN FACTORY rechargeable toys. Bring an extra with you when you travel or replace the one you lost, so that your favorite FUN FACTORY toy won’t run out of power during an all-night marathon. Use with any Fun Fatory CLICK ’N’ CHARGE toy Plugs into any USB port or wall adapter

Fun Factory - Lady Bi - Violet
Does size matter? Depends what you want. If you want to be wetter, more turned on, and to experience deeper sensations than ever before, then you want a long, strong vibe that’s going to hit your a-spot, the area close to the cervix that has been shown to amp up arousal. • Sized to satisfy • Deep, rumbling vibration from two motors • A-spot stimulation, for extra arousal & wetness • Programmable settings – save your fave • Endless positions with FlexiFUN Technology™ – moves with your motion • Body-safe silicone • Waterproof & rechargeable • Designed and handcrafted in Germany

Fun Factory - Lovering 8ight - Violet/Turquoise
FUNFACTORY® LOVERINGS – unique accessories for the passionate man. They turn your greatest asset into the crown jewels and maximize erection. The cherry on top of the multi-functional LOVERING »8ight« is a love bud that can be applied to pleasure the clitoris or anus, whatever your desire. Pull the smaller (inner diameter – 20mm) or larger (inner diameter – 22mm) penis ring over his member and use the other ring for the bud. Results speak for themselves – a satisfyingly hard erection. 

Fun Factory - Miss Bi - Pink/white
MiSS Bi – DER Vibrator combines phenomenal clitoris stimulation with arousing vibrations directly on your G-spot. The two separately adjustable motors are guaranteed to get you to your climax! After an intensive developmental phase and numerous tests, we created a shape that is both flexible and fine-tuned to please the female anatomy. The curved tip massages the G-spot when fully inserted, while the flexible and wide extension vibrates against your clitoris and labia. The thicker lower end of the toy enriches the experience by providing a pleasant feeling of fullness. Specification: Perfect grip thanks to the LOOP handle Raised buttons for comfortable control  Can be programmed to start on your favorite setting Key lock for travel Also safe for anal play  QuickSTOP via the FUN button  Battery charge indicator  Rechargeable 100% waterproof Medical grade silicone Made in Germany  

Fun Factory - Mr. Boss - Cream
MR BOSS offers seriously strong vibration that’s comparable to your favorite rechargeable toy. Its deep, rumbling, bass tone quality is exactly what many people need to reach climax. Specification: Body-safe silicone Amazing for G-spot massage 4 speeds & 6 patterns Travel lock Upgrade with our HYBRID KIT to charge batteries inside the toy Powered by 2 x AAA batteries 100% waterproof Made in Germany  

Fun Factory - MSV2.1 Little Paul - Pink
The structured vibrator for particularly intense sensations. The little toy classic that stimulates the G-spot with its special nose shape. Specification: Big fun in a little size 2×AAA battery New control unit and new motor the elegant vibrator that fits in every purse touch buttons with intuitive operation 6 vibration intensities 6 vibration programs newer, stronger, quieter and longer lasting motor vibration shaft made of 100% medical grade silicone 100 % waterproof intense stimulation of the vagina, clitoris, nipples, penis…  

Fun Factory - Ocean CNC - Pink
This flowing design promises heady, intense pleasures. The big wave stimulates vaginally and thanks to its rounded form, always finds your G spot, plus the little wave takes care of clitoral or anal stimulation. »OCEAN« not only enchants with its unusual, ergonomic design and its "gentle touch" silicone surface, but it is also 100% waterproof, just what you would expect from a true water baby! •   wavelike form for easy handling •   100% waterproof •   vibrator shaft out of 100% silicone

Fun Factory - Patchy Paul
Color: Pink
»Patchy Paul« has become a turbo adult. He has lost his childish face, but kept his wide grin. He has been working out a lot lately, so now he has a waist. His body adapts better to his lover’s. The charming lover, now in its third generation, goes all the way and brings together all the benefits of his predecessors: with the turbo booster he’s got cutting-edge technology, reaches the G-spot and arouses. Specification: 100% waterproof turbo booster – yet another technical innovation from FUN FACTORY extreme powerful motor easy handling with one touch control unit stimulates vaginally, massages arouses nipples, penis, clitoris  

Fun Factory - Pearly - Grape
The BiMini PEARLY impresses with its elegant shape and a curve with globular features. A pert round bump at the end makes for highly pleasurable vaginal and clitoral stimulation. • new ergonomically formed control unit in classy gold tones • 'Emergency off”: fast switch off with the FUN button • key lock for discrete carrying • rechargeable battery • 6 vibration intensities • 6 vibration programs • newer, stronger, quieter and longer lasting motor • vibration shaft made of 100% medical grade silicone with GENTLE TOUCH surface • fresh colors and new shapes • 100 % waterproof and easy to clean • intense stimulation of the vagina, clitoris, nipples, penis  

Fun Factory - SMARTBALL Teneo Uno - White/Vitamin
These vaginal balls are especially suitable for beginners and for women with a dropped or tilted uterus or those who simply want to get their pelvic muscles back in shape. Trained muscles lead to more feeling during sex. The ergonomically formed finger hollow "easy-in" makes insertion simple. The innovative technology promises extremely quiet and smooth use as well as a very steady and fast rotation of the internal balls.  •   ergonomically formed finger hollow "easy-in" to aid insertion •   ideal for women with a dropped or tilted uterus •   velvety soft silicone •   removal loop made out of silicone •   steady rotation of balls •   improved sensitivity with perpendicular lines 

Fun Factory - SMARTBALL Uno - White | Baby Rose
• recommended by midwives and gynecologists • tapering facilitates insertion of ball • Finger hollow "easy-in 'to aid insertion • intense rolling behavior of the balls • very silent • flexible silicone removal loop made, hardly noticeable • velvety-soft silicone covering • body contracted, hypoallergenic • easy to clean due to smooth surface • 100% medical silicone/ ABS • Size: 4.5cm*3.6cm • weight:36g

Fun Factory - Spring CNC - India Red
The miniVIBE »SPRING« with CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE technology combines passionate spring feelings with a revolutionary recharging technique! The enchanting flower relief on the otherwise smooth surface gives this little playmate some thrilling side effects. It can massage intensely right on the spot or gently all over – an exciting interplay that delivers emotional highlights and not just to the vagina.  •   100% waterproof   •   delivers exciting pleasure thanks to its extremely exact stimulation •   the floral design makes it a sweet and passionate gift Do not forget to order the »FUN Magnetic Plug« charger!  

Fun Factory - Stubby - Black
With the turbo booster, the »Stubby« pampers as intensively as possible with just a touch of the finger. The tailored form of the vibrator adapts perfectly to the body of his lovers. The toy with its short, powerful figure also has a raised rim that stimulates the clitoris, while the curved tip promises to intensely massage the G-spot. »Stubby« is also suitable for anal use. The rim prevents it from being pulled in completely and it pleases the area around the anus. •   100% waterproof •   turbo booster – yet another technical innovation from FUN FACTORY •   extreme powerful motor •   easy handling with one touch control unit •   stimulates vaginally, massages •   arouses nipples, penis, clitoris

Fun Factory - Tiger G5 - Violet
His territory is the urban jungle. TIGER is the perfect companion with which to wander the narrow streets and courtyards, illuminated by the neon advertisement lights. In the rambling city parks he rules his city jungle, every day a new experience – always on the hunt for a little bit of FUN, to escape the routine and find his next erotic adventure. He makes a dangerously attractive first impression, but really TIGER is a pussycat. With the ergonomic PRESS FUN TO PLAY control element, he obeys every command by the push of a button, to pleasure gently or wildly. Bit by bit TIGER is passionately inserted and each ridge passes release the beast in HIM and HER. Specification: 100% waterproof The curved tip intensely stimulates the G-spot and prostate A safe hold and intuitive functionality in one: PRESS FUN TO PLAY with LOOP! Powerful structuring on the shaft for intense stimulation during insertion infinitely adjustable vibration intensities 12 vibration programs Powerful structuring on the shaft for intense stimulation during insertion shaft made of 100% silicone