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California Exotic Novelties

2205-00-1n Average customer rating:

Tighten Up Shrink Cream Bulk

Sales price: 4,99 €

Product details

1007-10-3x Average customer rating:

Adonis Head Exciter

Advanced design for maximum...

Sales price: 26,99 €

Product details

apollo-power-stroker-black Average customer rating:

Apollo Power Stroker

Totally self-contained power stroker...

Sales price: 74,99 €

Product details

1007-20-3x Average customer rating:

Adonis Pump

Pump of the Year!” by the American...

Sales price: 35,99 €

Product details

apollo-wireless-blue-1 Average customer rating:

Apollo Wireless 7-Function Stroker

Soft, tight, stretchy stroker with...

Sales price: 36,99 €

Product details

1327-10-3x Average customer rating:

Body & Soul Entice

Perfectly weighted Kegel exerciser

Sales price: 19,99 €

Product details

4730-55-3x Average customer rating:

Entice Grace

Elegant, silky smooth, Satin Finish™...

Sales price: 39,99 €

Product details

0741-20-2x Average customer rating:

Tickle Vibe - The G-Girl

Sales price: 25,99 €

Product details

0726-05-3x Average customer rating:

Posh Thumper "G"

Dual Action Massager

Sales price: 24,99 €

Product details

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