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Eros - Luxury Massage Gel

Silicone based with aloe vera & vitamin E
Rating: Not Rated Yet
Sales price: 21,95 €
Manufacturer: Eros

Oriental: Pure luxury, an oriental dream full of secrets, blended with the seductive scent of tangerine, sandalwood, vanilla and coconut. This silicone based Luxury Massage Gel entices you into a breathtakingly sensual world. 

Flowery: This silicone based Luxury Massage Gel beckons you with its erotic, spicy scents of lemon and ginger, jasmine, orange blossom, water-lily and exotic woods. It seduces you into a light and airy, yet breathtaking world.



• Dermatologically tested

• Non-sticky and doesn’t dry out

• Free from preservatives

• Colourless and oil-free

• Extremely long-lasting glide quality

• With the added care ingredients aloe vera and vitamin E


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