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Eros - Sample Set


Indulge into the sensual world of Eros! All lubricants are Made in Germany, have been dermatologically tested and are safe to use with condoms. You will receive the most famous silicone-based lubricant in the world, an outstanding water-based lubricant, a delicious flavored lubricant and an amazing male enhancement spray. As a bonus, you will also receive a revolutionary new cock ring - Nice!

Eros - Sample Set
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Eros Bodyglide 30ml

Dubbed the “Rolls Royce of all lubricants”, Eros Bodyglide is the finest silicone-based lubricant of them all. Its rich consistency is perfect for anal intercourse, staying where it is supposed to be and protecting your anus and condoms from dry friction. It is ultra-long lasting and doubles as a world-class massage lotion. Due to its special composition, this product can be used in the shower and even underwater - give this a try! Eros Bodyglide feels silky smooth to the skin and can be washed off easily with some soap or rubbed gently from the skin with a towel. Dermatologically tested and safe to use with condoms. Please consider that silicone-based lubricants will not work properly with silicone toys. Please use EROS Liquid - Water Based lubricant with silicone toys.

Eros Liquid Aqua-Based 100ml

A bottle full of the best water-based lubricant you will get your hands on. It has been specially formulated to be extremely long-lasting and will not leave residue on the skin. dermatologically tested and safe to use with condoms.

Eros Tasty Fruits 30ml

High quality food flavors were used to upgrade the outstanding water-based Eros lubricant to a very special treat. Excellent for oral intercourse. Eros Tasty Fruits does not contain any sugars. Dermatologically tested, safe to use with condoms.

Eros Prolong 30ml

This male enhancement spray works on the basis of natural ingredients (Eugenol, an extract of cloves) and does not cause a loss of sensation. Explorer delivers a cooling sensation to the cock, delaying the male orgasm and thus extending sexual intercourse. Always use with condoms and plenty of lubricant.

Manzzztoys Rollie (FREE !)

Rollie is a revolutionary new cock ring designed to be placed around penis and testicles. What causes the rave about it is that it has a little stem pressing up against the perineum when worn properly. With every thrust of your body you will feel a gentle feedback from Rollie. Nice! For a rock-hard erection, make sure to put it on the right way. Rollie is made from 100% platinum silicone, one of the best and safest materials available for adult toys.


Customer notice:

For hygienic reasons, product cannot be exchanged unless in the case of malfunctioning. Arrangement in sample picture is for display only. Colors and flavors may differ.



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